Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Alien designs

These are just a few of the series of alien designs for an unused project.

After the project was cancelled, I was revved up in full alien design mode, so I made a couple small maquettes in sculpey and painted them with acrylics. These were the first character sculptures I ever did. I spend so much time working in 2D, I thought it would be good practice to translate my ideas into 3D

This guy is trying so hard to be intimidating. Piercings and facial tattoos that are stylized representations of human hair growth patterns....but he is still soft and squishy. 

Billy Idol + Mars Attacks!

If your face is made out of cartilage it is very difficult to smile.

This guy is the alien version of the gurmpy neighbor, always complaining about how much noise you are making...puzzling, since he doesn't appear to have visible, external ears.

Some of these aliens were originally going to be members of an alien rock band. This is a cropped peek at a portion of the final unused illustration. The project was shelved, but it was a lot of fun to work on.

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